Sunday, January 30, 2011

A winter family run

It was a lovely weekend around these parts. Raf was (for a change!) up a lot on Friday night so Rich took him downstairs when I;d normally get up and I slept in until almost 7am. Mind you, I was still so tired when I got up but Rich talked me into getting on the bike early. I did a 1:23 spin (my show on Netflix finished) and then Rad promptly fell asleep on me, even though we were supposed to go grocery shopping! Instead we had lunch when he woke up and then I did our taxes. This is worth mentioning because we'll get enough of a return that I can buy a TT bike! I'm thinking of the Cervelo P2. But we shall see...

We did get to Whole Foods, and then came home for a belated Pizza Friday (thus Pizza Saturday) as Rich had been working late on Friday. This morning neither Rich nor I felt like doing much of anything (hello sleepless nights) but we buoyed each other enough to decide to just get out there... (okay, there was some teasing and jovial digs about the other not being 'hard enough' to run in such frigid condition. So we bundled up Raf in his pajamas, wearable blanket, coat, hat, glove - draped a big blanket over him and we went on our merry way. It turned out to be a beautiful 8 plus mile run.

When we do these runs we take it in turns pushing Raf. I have to admit that usually I quietly conspire to push Raf DOWN the hills and leave the uphill portions for Rich. Sadly Rich has gotten wise to my plan and didn't let me get away with anything... this meant that I landed most of the uphill segments. But a good strength workout :)

Our run in pics and a few words...

Getting ready for a long winter run with Mummy and Daddy.

Enough layers, Daddy?

A quick mile warm-up and we stop for a stretch and check on Raf.

One mile in...

and... asleep already!

One mile to go...

Almost home!

We finished our run at the local grocery store, where I saw one of my students. and after feeling somewhat embarrassed about being seen with my bright red face with my bright yellow fluorescent hat and top, we walked the almost mile home and enjoyed a well deserved brunch of mixed veggies, tofu pups, and potatoes.

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