Tuesday, February 1, 2011


January is over and I'm sitting here on the eve of a massive snowstorm. This month proved to be really challenging for me - not just in terms of training but also getting back into work-mode, Rafi's continued difficulties with sleeping, and also the inclement weather. On paper, when I'm planning out my family, work, training week, it seems doable, but sleepless nights - night after night after night - combined with working full-time and being a co-sleeping, breastfeeding, cloth-diapering, attachment parenting sort of mum makes the idea of triathlon training a bit of a joke.

Yet I do get training in. I workout when I haven't had much sleep, Rich really helps me to get some movement in, and somehow - while it might not be the training I want or plan - I usually get something in.

The month started well with a beautiful and unexpected bike ride outside. 28 miles to begin the year felt like a wonderful way to ring in the triathlon season. Unfortunately my time in the pool, in spite of promises to myself that things would be different, was pretty poor. Just 3 miles of swimming. I know, I know.. my very worst sport and I spend virtually no time doing it. I find it difficult to motivate myself to get to the pool, but I really must break the cycle because the more I don't go the more I dread it. To be fair to me, the snowstorms have really conspired to keep me away since the pool shuts down when the college closes and on days swims are scheduled (like tomorrow) a snow storm seems to appear.

MUST. DO. BETTER. Goal for February...? AT least DOUBLE that. At least.

Running was not that much better with just 54 miles, but, again, a lot of inclement weather, a hip injury, and general fatigue.

I did, though, quite well with cycling, and spun, spun, spun for over 19 hours during January. I also did 34 miles of rowing...

I'm afraid that core/strength training was awful, but, there are only so many hours in the day...

Not an awful month but not the best month, either. I was planning on 80 miles of running, MUCH more swimming and at least some strength and core work.

Goals for this month?

To get to the pool. Next week I'm heading with the crew to Orlando for a conference. Raf and Rich will be coming with me and I'm hoping I can get some good runs in as well as some swims. We're staying for an extra night at another hotel which has a lap pool so I'm really hoping to get some swim time in.

But, you know, if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen and I'll remember what's most important.


  1. I get it :) If you ever wanna swim, gimme a buzz! I am looking forward to NO SNOW so we can hook up for runs and rides!!
    Here's to more swimming in February

  2. Id love to head to the pool, Jen! I haven't been since writing this! lol I REALLY need to go!