Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 goals!

Mileage Goals for the New Year:

Running miles: 1000 - hopefully doable if I can avoid too many niggles and injuries
Cycling miles (outside: 2500 - maybe a bit optimistic!
Swimming miles - 100 - okay, this is quite optimistic but I am going to attempt it.

Races... Still working on this but I'm planning on doing - at a minimum:
1) a half marathon in the early Spring
2) Pirate Triathlon at Point Sebago - June 12th.
3) 70.3 Pumpkinman - September 11th.


1) To follow my training schedule as closely as is possible. A very seasoned and 11 time ironman, Rob Smith, is helping me put a schedule together. I have no clue what I'm doing so having some guidance is really helpful
2) To row on the water at least once a week whilst avoiding injuring my ribs (2 stress fractured ribs in a year kept me off the water for a long while. and then raf appeared).
3) To enjoy my training and if it gets to feel like a burden to stop, reflect, and readjust.
4) To be consistent with core training
5) To get moving in the weight-room

Now, all of this is quite dependent on another, very different goal, which is to have another baby.. so we'll see how this all goes :)


  1. these sound like very reasonable goals Alex! I think if you are hitting the pool twice a week getting the 100 mile swim is a sure thing!

    I don't see "running with Jen" on that list of goals...hmmmmm. LOL

    We gotta get together girl!

  2. Jen, what was I thinking?!! Consider it added!