Sunday, January 16, 2011

Goals for the week

This week marks a return to work - well, teaching begins. I'm not sure how I'm already hopelessly behind, but I am. To be quite honest I am not excited to return. I love being at home with raf with my biggest concern related to how I'm going to get my workout in. But, return to work I must, and I have to get myself into gear tomorrow - even though it's officially a holiday. I am already counting down the days until May 5th - the last days of classes....

And I have a busy week of workouts planned - with lots of running. My hip is very sore tonight so I am hoping it's not going to get in way of the running on my schedule. All being well i am hoping for 4 runs (including one transition run), at least 3-4 bikes, a couple of rows, and at least 2 swims. And... well, some core work and weights. I know! We'll see how it goes.

My other intentions for the week are to eat very well. We eat very healthily but I could stand to lose a few pounds to help with speed and weight to strength ratio on the bike. But it's very hard when you're constantly eating your toddler's leftovers. MUST. STOP. THAT.

I also intend to write a half interesting blog! I promise :)

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