Friday, January 28, 2011


The project to balance work, family, and training is certainly a challenge this week. Between the weather and extra meetings at work every workout has had to be snuck in, and, at times, when I wouldn't ordinarily want to be moving. On Monday, after a what felt like a grueling day at work, I managed to force myself onto the bike, and on Tuesday, instead of eating lunch, I headed down to the college pool and got in some laps. On Wednesday morning I dragged myself onto the rower and then bike for a quick row/bike brick, but only because I knew I'd be at work until 9pm... By Thursday I was really dragging. Rich has a class on Thursday evenings so a missed session in the morning sent me into a spin wondering how I'd get my workout in! I have a cold so running and swimming are not the most attractive options to me, so I hopped on the bike again before Rich left the house. Not the session I wanted or hoped for but it was something...

This morning, though, sleep deprived, head cold, no running all week, behind in almost every area of my life, combined with a busy morning ahead of me - and I was feeling cross and sad and a bit desperate. The truth is I am always about one workout away from having some sort of breakdown that might be put me in the loony bin. And so, when I returned home this afternoon, realizing that Rich would be home late again, I wondered how the next few hours would go, and as my mood deteriorated I realized that what I needed to do was to change the direction of things. It was warm out so I wrapped Rafi up and popped him into the Chariot.

The Chariot has been our saviour, our life saver, our way to spend time with Raf, with each other, as a family, doing the things we really love.

Here's a few clips of us using the Chariot over the summer.

This is a picture of the first time we used the Chariot... we ran round the block and the wheel fell off! We actually caught it on film, which i'm sure I'll get around to posting one day. It was quite funny.

Rich pulling Raf on the bike.

Raf loves the Chariot... he often sleeps in there. And indeed today he fell asleep...

This afternoon's jaunt was a glorious run. I was reminded how much I love being out with my boy, and even though it is winter, there is a lot of slush on the roads to push through, we had a grand old time. I thought I'd be lucky to run 9 mins miles, but I managed to run just over 5 miles at 8:33 pace, which was pretty good considering everything. We finished up at the supermarket and, with Raf still asleep, I picked up a few things for dinner and then walked the almost mile home.

Unfortunately there are no sidewalks where we live so the trip home was quite eventful as I pushed Raf up the hill...

So grateful for this Chariot! I was cheered up mightily by the time I returned home... Raf and I did some stretching together and then we did some dancing to the Wiggles. Oh, did I mention that during the entire run I had a Wiggles tune running through my head....! It's hard to get those tunes out of your mind.


  1. Alex I'm so happy for you!! Sounds like you found a fix for getting a run in -- when the weather is on your side at least. Isn't it amazing how much a run (or any exercise for that matter) can change your mood. I swear sometimes, it's the only thing that keeps me sane!

  2. Your tenacity and attitude have motivated me. The balance is very hard to achieve even though I no longer have anyone in a Chariot. Today I was able to snow shoe and then had my butt kicked by Erica (14 now) on a run.
    Exercise is essential for my mood and it has been far too long since I have found any balance for me thus a cranky mama:( boo hoo no one loves a cranky mama.

  3. Kate, it really is phenomenal how much a run can change my mood. I really think it helps a lot to be outside, too.

    Mary, you are such a sweety. So glad you got out with Erica (how is she 14?!!!!!!). Let's get together to map out some training for the year! x