Sunday, January 9, 2011

Busy week

I had a really good week of training. I got almost all my planned sessions in, except one swim (though I had a swim lesson instead) and my weights session. I did, though, get some core work in - so not a complete disaster. I find that having absolute intention really helps to get me out there, almost imagining myself running, biking, swimming the night before - which somehow makes me more motivated and focused. I didn't, though, get a rowing session in... maybe tomorrow.

Week highlights - since i didn't blog all week.

1) A double session on Monday, which got me off to a super week.
2) A swim lesson with Rob, which went pretty well. He has more confidence in my swimming than I do! I have to work on hand-placement and I also need to learn to suffer in the pool.
3) A very cold run which involved the back of my legs almost freezing off.
4) A really great brick session; I watched an episode of "Wire In the Blood", and then headed out for a run with Rich and Raf. Rich very kindly pushed Raf all of the way. After almost 3.5 miles Rich dropped me and Raf off at the store while he carried on for 2 more miles, and then we all walked home with some groceries. These runs are such wonderful opportunities to spend time with my family.
5) A long-ish run with just Rich! A very rare event, indeed, but my parents are still with us.

A very good sporting week. I wish I had time to write more but I can hear Raf upstairs crying with Rich (who might also be crying by the sound of things), so I ought to go an rescue them.

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  1. Isn't it hard to find time to blog!? I think blogging is harder than training... lol