Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Totals

Busy month here but I'm hoping to post more regularly soon. First day of proper training starts tomorrow, and I am quite nervous as I've just looked at the schedule and it looks quite brutal, actually.

A quick post to record monthly totals:

9 miles swimming (not much this past couple of weeks but I was happy with this)
73 miles running (again, would have preferred 80 but happy with this, too)
255 miles cycling outside (and maybe some additional inside time but I can't remember).

And a pic of our first open water swim, which included Raf! We had a nice run down to the pond, swam for 15 minutes or so, and then a little cool-down run to the car. Very nice summer evening.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A woman cannot live on Cliff bars alone.

I took an impromptu day off today. I had a long department retreat, which went very well (considering I was leading the retreat) but I am tired and the weather is just miserable. Just miserable, miserable, miserable. I don't think it is helping things.

I'm in a state of ambivalence.

Term has ended, reports need to be written, the summer is ahead of us, the weather is awful, my bike is brilliant, my swimming sucks, raf is wonderful, our nanny quit, a dear friend is pregnant, a little unknown boy was found dead.

I suppose this is life, with all its seeming untenable paradoxes of good and bad, of hope and hopelessness.

I am likely not alone in having to work at staying on top of this ambivalence, and training is one way I do this. It keeps me in motion when I might otherwise be paralyzed, it provides me with some space and time where I get lost in the physical aspect of it all, and yet today I skipped my bike ride (it was raining and I could not cope with the trainer in May) and I find when I do this that I lose traction straight away, I turn inward and irritable.

Why did I miss that ride, I'm asking myself.

Alas, I did. but one thing that I wanted to blog about is my terrible, terrible eating habits. I have been living on cliff bars and fruit and sandwiches. I can't remember the last time I had three square meals a day. My Dr. thinks that my body might be run down - thus the nausea and sickness. My Vit D was very, very low, my cholesterol was very low, too, which of course isn't necessarily a bad thing in and of itself, but it might suggest that my nutritional needs are not being met.

So I;m going to make an effort to really get serious about nutrition, of making the time to eat real food, of thinking carefully about what I need to support my training. I'm also nursing still, and I think that this inevitably places more demands on my body. So I am going to get serious, seriously. I may even post some plans here in an attempt to keep me on track.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

excellent week, you were much needed.

This week I was lucky enough to buy my new ride - a Cervelo P2. It's beautiful. Part of me is feeling a little bit guilty as it's a pretty spendy purchase. As soon as I took it out today, though, I concluded that it was a very good buy. My old bike - Ray of Sunshine - is long past her prime, and while I won't be parting with her it is nice to have this little beauty:

I bought the bike (I need to name her) from Cyclemania and I cannot say enough about how great and helpful they were. I had been tempted to just buy the bike online since the LBS didn;t have my frame size in but i'm glad I waited as they helped so much with fit and accessories, and the guys, David, even gave Raf a Cliff bar to chew on. Very sweet. Today i went out for my first proper ride. 41 miles of sheer pleasure, even with the upper back discomfort (I need to tweak the set-up) I felt super out there. My longest and speediest ride of the new year.

In work news we had the final day of classes this past week. I have a mountain of grading ahead of me as well as many meetings and a retreat I have to organize, but I can honestly say that I feel incredibly free and unburdened - at least for now. I am summer teaching online, but this is nothing like in the classroom teaching. Oh yes, I do have many reports to write for the first time, but even the idea of those isn't discouraging my pleasure.

And then there is the little one. He's so comical and fun. How can he get even more delightful? Well, he does. He is growing evermore demonstrative when I return home, and I find myself daydreaming about that welcome when I'm in the midst of the working day. What a lovely little fellow we have.