Sunday, February 6, 2011

Taking Stock

Rich has taken Raf to bed and I'm sitting on the couch watching 'Heavy' on TV. It's showcasing a woman whose son committed suicide, and as I sit here watching, my own heart shattering for her, I'm reminded by how grateful I am for this life: for Rafi, for Rich, for my puppies, and family overseas, for my 'too-busy' job and my body which can move and be strong, and which has done an amazing thing in bringing into the world this little boy who I adore.

Raf is such a precious little soul: he loves to dance, clap, squeal in delight. He loves to run around the kitchen chasing his Daddy, chasing the pups, and I sometimes feel like I will literally burst with pride when I watch him and see who he is becoming.

I've mentioned before, but one thing that we all love to do is to go for a family run. Today we headed out in the afternoon, hoping that the roads would be in better condition after the ice and snow we had overnight. Raf is a complete trooper. He goes into the Chariot without protest, gets his snacks and books and toys and sits back for the ride, Even today in the slushy, bumpy conditions he was happy as could be, and both Rich and I remarked how lucky we are to have a little guy who can put up with us, and, indeed, a little boy who seems to really like being with us on our runs. He likes the dried mango and pineapple we stop off and buy from the grocery store when we finnish our run, too, so it's as if he's running right along with us.

I've had a pretty good week of training, as it happens. No swims (snowstorm really got in the way), but 3 runs,3 rows, and 5 bike rides (of various lengths). I have Rich and Rafi to thank for helping me get workouts in, especially this weekend....

Indeed we've had a lovely weekend. I'm sad about going to work tomorrow (it's going to be a long day and I won't be home until 10pm) but we are going to Orlando on Wednesday morning for a conference. Well, I'm going to a conference and Rich and Rafi are coming with me. We're going to attempt to take the Chariot with us. We'll see how that goes. It's going to be a spotty week in terms of training, probably, but I'm going to attempt to swim in the morning and then perhaps row/bike on Tuesday as should be able to run when Florida... and perhaps swim, too. I'm looking forward to some nice warm weather... without the slushy roads.

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  1. Enjoy the sun in Florida! So glad to hear you had a good training week last week.

    You have pups and a baby! Phew. Girl, no wonder you are always tired!!