Monday, February 28, 2011

time, time

It's Monday, and today because of the weather I ended up aborting my drive to work and coming home. Like everyone, I'm sure, I'm ready for Spring: for warmer days and lighter mornings, for roads that aren't ice covered with a layer of snow atop. I'm feeling desperate to run without hat, gloves, mask, coat and countless other layers. But here we are with 3 storms in 4 days, and I'm wondering how I'll get my workouts in this week.

Tomorrow it promises to be cold and windy, and since I have to leave the house before 7am I don't know that I'll get my run in because it will be very dark at 5:30, and with frozen rain and snow today I don't fancy like running outside when I can't see underfoot. Perhaps I'll shoot for tomorrow afternoon - maybe after a swim. But you know I have work to fit in, too, and the fact that I have 49 long papers to grade by Monday I realize it's going to be a challenging week. And I need to be home by 3... ! Oh dear, things aren't looking good.

I suppose I'm writing here in a vain attempt to materialize more time than I have; as though if I wrote about it and planned it more, I'd suddenly find some extra time. Oh, there you are swimming hour, I didn't see you before now.

Alas, if I carry on as I am - procrastinating as I attempt to grade these papers - I'll be lucky to get any sort of training in.


  1. hey I do that too--comb over and over my schedule hoping it will change. it hasn't worked yet (sorry). do you have equipment at home? a bike and erg i think? hopefully you will at least get some of your needed movement in even if it's not the right kind.


  2. "For disappearing acts, it's hard to beat what happens to the eight hours supposedly left after eight of sleep and eight of work." ~Doug Larson

  3. Hi ae, I do have my bike/trainer and my erg. It's definitely better than nothing, that's for sure! x

    Aha, Patrick, what a perfect quite. It really just about sums it up!