Sunday, February 27, 2011


Another week is over, work looms ahead, and I'm writing after another nice weekend. On Friday we had a snow day, and I have to say, probably to state the obvious, that we are very ready for winter to be over. On Thursday, realizing that we'd be in for a horrible weather weekend, we headed out into the late afternoon for a 10 mile run. It was difficult and challenging and all I wanted to do was to go home and sit in my pajamas, drinking hot chocolate while watching bad TV. Yet we knew we'd feel good for going, that we'd feel relief that we wouldn't have to drag ourselves out of the door to push Raf through slushy, cold, wet streets.

Yes.. more snow!

It was just as well we went out as since then I've been dealing with some bug, or something. I've been feeling nauseous and tired and just downright fatigued. I talked myself into thinking it was something much more alarming like early signs of a heart attack (I'm not usually known for hypochondria!)... Whatever it is, though, it's gotten in the way of doing much of anything. I have done some cycling and a bit of rowing, but not much else.

Until today. Well, I still didn't do much but I did attend a Total Immersion class. It was really helpful. The instructor managed not to snicker when she saw me swim, and we spent the hour working on some drills to help with my stroke timing, etc. You begin by trying to balance your body with 'superman', then you work on titling your body, and then recovery position, hand placement, etc. Breathing is next. Somewhat alarmingly the instructor tapes you and then shows you to see how you're doing. Seeing myself in a swimming costume, flailing in the water was enough to motivate me to practice, practice, practice. That said, if I do say so myself, I was looking nice and long and 'tall' in the water! Now let's see if that translates into long and 'tall' when I take an actual proper, full stroke.

Aside from warm-up I didn't really swim any laps, just up and down half a lane. She did say that my swimming wasn't awful (I am sure she was being kind) but I really think the changes will help. I didn't get to the point of having a new 'stroke' where I could go and swim lots of laps, but I think in a class or two I might be able to swim a lap with a TI stroke. Here's hoping, anyway.

This week I meet with Rob, the guy who is helping me put my schedule together for the season. I'm excited to begin my next training cycle. This past few weeks i've been winging it as my schedule has been crazy and it's not been possible to meet to sort anything out. I'm meant to be doing a bike test next Saturday and also a swim test (well, last week, but I was feeling poorly so I'll try and so it the early part of this week).

Here's what I'm hoping for this week re: work and training:
1) that I feel less awful tomorrow morning.
2) that I get my swim test done by Tuesday
3) that I finally get in to the Dean's office the schedule for the Spring semester (2012)
4) that I mark the 50 long papers that I have coming in tomorrow by the end of the week (I'm almost touched by my own optimism here)
5) that I get in at least 3 runs

And, to finish... to borrow an idea from a dear friend, I'm going to start writing a 'lulu list'. In short, a list of thanks, gratitude, appreciation, and so forth.

1) Raf squealing in delight as he chased Rich around the kitchen this evening.
2) An early morning Friday walk in the quiet with the pups before the worst of the storm appeared.
3) The Red Cardinal in our garden each day.
4) The leek and potato soup Rich made for me twice last week.
5) Rafi shrieking 'Mama Mama' as I came through the door last week, and him throwing his arms around my neck.
6) Eating dried pineapple in the store after our long run.
7) My new friends on Daily Mile, who I really just like a lot.
8) This little fella... through and through.


  1. this is super precious. I was looking at him earlier and wanted to let you know that I just LOVE him with a haircut because I can see him better, which is really enjoyable :)

    your schedule...gah. you're doing a great job friend.


  2. Thanks, Ash! I was dreading cutting his hair properly, but I agree that you can see him more, especially his eyes. he's so funny! I think you'll get such a kick out of C when he's Raf's age. Today I was trying to tell Raf not to try and swing back in his chair, and just seeing his personality come through (oh so willful and yet so funny!) was just so endearing and fun.

    It just gets better. xx

  3. oh, yes, my schedule. it just plain sucks right now. Spring break cannot come fast enough.