Friday, April 1, 2011

March's Stats.

March's stats:

So a little off... but I was down and out from swimming and running for more than 10 days so I was on track to meet my month;s goals.

Swimming: 9 miles
Running: 57 miles
Cycling: 13 hours 26 minutes
Rowing: 12 miles
Total time: 30 hours 17 minutes

I'd hoped to do 40 hours of training, 8 miles of swimming, 80 miles of running, and 15-20 hours of cycling. I was very pleased to have managed 9 miles of swimming, far surpassing my other months' training. Disappointed with my run, but once again I was on track to meet the 80 mile goal...


Swimming: 10 miles
Running: 80 miles
Cycling: 20 hours
I'm also hoping to hit the weights.... let's hope!
Total: 40 hours

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