Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A week in bullet points:

1) I am out of grading prison.. until next week.

2) I had a bit of a meltdown on Sunday after I got a flat tire a few minutes into a planned 2 hour ride/2 mile run brick. I have to confess that while I initially reacted in a 'c'est la vie' manner, my mood steadily declined as it became ever more apparent that I would not get in any sort of workout. With perspective I am sort of embarrassed for myself, but it's so very clear to me that staying on my training plan is like preventative medicine. I managed to get up super early on Monday and ended up doing the session, and it felt wonderful to get it in...

3) We had a marvelous family run last night, which involved running in shorts and t-shirts.

4) I at last went to see a couple of Drs about both my weird breathing and nausea and also my hip and foot issues. Last week I went to OA and it was really helpful to get another perspective on the possible causes of my many injuries. I've been referred to the infamous Jared for PT, and it starts next week. But I also got to see my primary care Dr. Last year I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma after my first triathlon. As soon as I finished the swim I started to breathe in a very laboured and LOUD way. It didn't feel like asthma as the noise felt as though it was more emanating from my throat and I also made the noise on the inhale. But I tried an inhaler with no success and this past Monday I returned to my Dr. Well, it seems that I have Inspiratory Stridor, which is not that easy to treat. It's made worse by anxiety and a lack of confidence (ha!) in athletes who suffer with it. I need to write more about it because I am honestly nervous about it... Every time I try to run fast and I hear the beginnings of the breathing I become very anxious... after all, it's basically my airway closing over a little, reducing the oxygen I can take in. I don't know how I managed to complete the tri breathing like this for almost the entire time.

5) In real estate news, we are one step closer to selling our house... think positive real estate thoughts for us!

6) I had an AWFUL swim yesterday. Honestly I just really suck at swimming. I am slow, bumbling, and I am not getting faster. I am really nervous about my next swim as I think, if it's possible, that I am actually getting more awful. 10 years ago I was a pretty good runner and now I am a pretty slow runner, an okay cyclist, and a TERRIBLE swimmer! I'm also happier and more balanced, of course, but I'll admit that sometimes I find it a little demoralizing. Yes, right now I feel a little demoralized about all things sporty.


  1. Does your stridor have any connection or similarity to panic attacks? If so, therapy might be a helpful solution. That sounds really miserable. I know that whenever my breathing gets funky it freaks me out--and that's of course a vicious circle.

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for responding. It doesn't seem to, but as soon as I feel the breathing coming on I DO feel sudden anxiety which can only make it worse. I'm going to see an integrative Dr to do some guided imagery and deep relaxation to see if I can help control it that way, but therapy is definitely an option, too. It's such a pain. I've always had it but it seems to be that I develop the breathing at less than maximal intensity now, which is a bit frustrating.