Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This weeks attempt at balance

This past week has been utterly crazy. I don't think I've spent one evening with Rich. Either Rich is working late, in class, or he's fallen asleep putting Raf to bed(!), or I'm working late, at appointments, and so forth. The weekends haven't been much better. Rich is at his practicum site Saturday mornings, and I spent a lot of time grading papers this past weekend. I'm really hoping things calm down soon. Spring break is on the horizon, and thank goodness as I need some time to catch up.

OH, how life has changed since I've become chair.

But despite the busy week I managed to get a lot of training in, mostly doing a lot of early morning sessions and sneaking in swims at work. Before last week I wasn't using the college pool at all, instead I was going to another college pool down the road from where we live. I don't know why I didn't head to my own college pool before now! The hours are better, I can nip there before breakfast, at lunch time, or just before I leave to go home. As a result I actually managed to get in every planned swim last week. This is pretty phenomenal for me! With my swim today, I've actually swum more in the first week and half of March than January and February combined.

And today I actually enjoyed my swim!

Mind you, Raf was up, literally UP, at 1:45am so it was a long night. I headed to work early to get some grading finished but nipped to the pool beforehand. Dare I say that I actually enjoyed my swim? I really did. I think that I just need to make sure I get to the pool on a very regular basis. I don't think I'm ever going to be a brilliant swimmer(!), but being half decent would be wonderful.

So that's all going quite well.

Whilst training hasn't really detracted from time with Raf (early mornings, late nights and lunch time workouts), work has certainly gotten in the way of time with my little chap. Oh, work, work, work. This is one of the first times where I've felt quite resentful and overwhelmed by work. One of the lovely things about my job is the brilliant flexibility, but the downside is that this great flexibility means that I often work weekends. Poor little Raf has really suffered this week, I think. As regular readers of my poppet blog will know, Raf is not the best sleeper, but just lately he is wanting to nurse almost all of the time... and so much during the night. At first I thought he might be teething, but now I think he is just wanting some cuddle time to make up for the time I'm not there.

I get to spend the morning with him tomorrow, which will be lovely, and also most of Friday so hopefully things will get a little easier.

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