Friday, March 18, 2011

Note to Friday

I should have posted yesterday following a good night's sleep (first in many a month.. or even years), an early morning swim, and a lovely day with Raf, which was topped off with a bike ride outside in shorts. Instead I am writing post-meltdown, after an awful night's sleep, after missing my swim, after the nanny texted to say she couldn't come, after realizing that it's the final day of spring break and I am not even remotely caught up, not even out of grading prison THREE weeks on. I realized that I have yet to touch the assessment document I should be working on, let alone looked at the tenure file I should be assessing. I then realized that the dishwasher was not really working, that there was dog pee on my office floor, and that, ohmygod, we are probably selling our home in the next 2-3 months and we have yet to find a house, work out our financing.... and, worst of all, I simply cannot get a swim in today - a swim that might very well save my sanity.

I desperately want this day to turn around. Please turn around, Friday. You are the pits thus far.


  1. oh mercy i am so sorry alex!

    cutting to the chase: how much longer do you have to be chair?

  2. Ugh. Sounds like a tough day! Hope it turns around for you.