Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Gift: a double workout

We had a really great Christmas. Mine was made even better by the workouts I managed to sneak in! I got up early and did a row/bike brick. I was just finishing up when everyone else got up. That afternoon Rich and I decided to test out our new Brooks Nightlife shirts. Rich actually had gotten his for his birthday but he had yet to wear it. So off we went, in the late afternoon dusk, me with my shirt and new matching beanie, and Rich in his shirt with a Father Christmas hat on.

It's rare that we run together now the cold weather is here. In the warmer months we take Raf out in his running stroller and take turns pushing. With my parents here we took advantage and headed out for one of the few runs of the year (maybe our second this year) and had a really nice time. We threw in 3x5 mins at 5-10k pace and by the time we got home I was ready for my bed!

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